Rear end collisions

This is regarded as the most common type of accident, where your vehicle has been hit in the rear by another vehicle causing you injury and damage to your vehicle.

Liability in these kind of accidents is rarely in dispute and under the new claims system these kind of claims usually get resolved quickly. Injuries in these accidents aren’t limited to whiplash and may include severe

bone fractures, head injuries and other injuries.

RYANS can arrange for a professional engineer to inspect your vehicle to confirm whether your vehicle can be repaired, we can then assist in arranging a specialist to complete the repairs. If our expert engineers confirm that your vehicle isn’t able to be repaired because the damage is too extensive, we will pursue the value of your vehicle prior to the accident damage occurring. This ensures you are compensated for the loss and will assist you in obtaining a new vehicle. We can also assist in providing you with a replacement vehicle until either repairs to your vehicle are completed or it’s pre-accident value is recovered.

You can claim compensation for your injuries, damage to your vehicle, treatment such as physiotherapy, storage and recovery charges, repair and hire charges, policy excess, damaged property and any other losses such as lost earnings. RYANS are specialised road traffic accident solicitors who are experienced with obtaining compensation for victims of accidents and can assist you with your claim on a no win, no fee basis.

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