Road Traffic Accidents involving Motorbikes and Cycles

Were you on a motorbike or bicycle which has been in an accident that was not your fault?

If so, you are probably entitled to compensation.

Motorcyclists and cyclists are vulnerable and in many cases injuries suffered in accidents can be very serious. These kind of accidents are often caused by other drivers simply not seeing the bike but can also caused in crossing junctions or by cars overtaking and a variety of other circumstances. These accidents are even sometimes caused by defective road surfaces or spilt liquids such as potholes, leaves, ice, mud and diesel in the road. If you have an accident as a result, there is a potential claim against the local authority for failing to keep the highway safe for public use.

If you are injured as a passenger, you can claim for compensation. See our further page here on Passenger claims. The laws involving the claims of motorcycle passengers are complex, you should therefore contact us as soon as possible to discuss your potential claim.

RYANS can arrange for a professional engineer to inspect your vehicle to confirm whether your vehicle can be repaired, we can then assist in arranging a specialist to complete the repairs. If our expert engineers confirm that your vehicle isn’t able to be repaired because the damage is too extensive, we will pursue the value of your vehicle prior to the accident damage occurring. This ensures you are compensated for the loss and will assist you in obtaining a new vehicle. We can also assist in providing you with a replacement vehicle until either repairs to your vehicle are completed or it’s pre-accident value is recovered.

RYANS can assist with the catastrophic injuries that are often caused in these kind of accidents and this may often involve organising a team of doctors, nursing care/rehabilitation experts and any other professionals who can assist in helping an injured motorcyclist back to health.

You can claim compensation for your injuries, treatment such as physiotherapy, damaged bike, damaged clothing/gear and any other expenses caused by the accident such as lost earnings.

RYANS are specialised road traffic accident solicitors who are experienced with obtaining compensation for victims of accidents and can assist you with your claim on a no win, no fee basis.

Call us now on 01925 438 160 or contact us by using the form here and we’ll call you back to discuss your claim in more detail as soon as possible.