Road Traffic Accidents and Whiplash

Have you been involved in an accident in the last three years that wasn’t your fault? Did you suffer whiplash, damage to your vehicle or any other loss as a result of that accident? RYANS SOLICITORS can help you with this.

You might be entitled to claim compensation. This can not only help pay medical fees and treatment costs such as physiotherapy, but will compensate you for any pain and suffering you have suffered as a result of your injuries.

Whiplash is a common injury suffered after road traffic accidents. The impact of a collision causes a person’s body to jerk in a quick and sudden manner backwards and forwards, straining the neck and causing injury. Even low speed crashes can cause these symptoms to arise as the muscles in this area are so sensitive and react even in circumstances were the jolting impact is less severe.

Whiplash symptoms frequently develop over the course of the day after an accident, with back pain and stiffness often found alongside the pain to the neck. symptoms such as headaches.

Whiplash injuries can be extremely painful, leaving victims suffering with long-term pain and discomfort. Your compensation amount will be calculated by taking into account the pain you have been subjected to, as well as any other losses you have suffered such as lost earnings due to an absence from work, treatment costs and so on.

How can RYANS help you?

RYANS SOLICITORS are accomplished road traffic accident specialists, we successfully win compensation for injured parties in thousands of road traffic accident claims each year. You should ensure you are contacting an experienced Solicitor such as ourselves to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve as a result of your accident.

This applies to all road traffic accidents; as a driver, passenger, motorcyclist, cyclist or pedestrian you are entitled to compensation for your suffering and RYANS are specialists who will assist you in pursuing your claim from the beginning until the very end. We will maximise your compensation to ensure you receive the amount of financial compensation you deserve whilst  finalising your claim as soon as possible.

We will be here to help you throughout your claim, making sure you are not only compensated for your losses but on the road to recovery thanks to the treatment we can assist in getting for you as part of your claim.

Road traffic accidents are the most common cause of personal injury claims and whiplash injuries are often caused by road traffic accidents. RYANS deals with claims ranging from whiplash injuries lasting for a short time up to very serious injuries.

If you think you would benefit from contacting us then please take a look at our other pages to see how we can deal with different types of claim or contact us now on 01925 438 160 or by using the form here to request we contact you to discuss your claim in more detail.

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How long does a claim take?

Every case is different. However, we can guarantee that no matter what we will work as diligently as possible to guarantee your claim is settled as quickly as possible whilst ensuring we get the best result and amount of financial compensation for you.

How much compensation will I get?

Every case is different but RYANS can assist with obtaining compensation and getting you back on the road as soon as possible.

You can claim for your injuries, damage to your vehicle, storage and recovery charges, repair and hire charges, policy excess, damaged property and any other losses such as lost earnings.

Unfortunately, the law in claims in road traffic accidents recently changed and this affects the amount of compensation a Claimant can keep as a result of the hard efforts of Solicitors in successfully winning their case. Even with this change in the law, we still run all of our cases on a no win, no fee basis so if your claim is unsuccessful you don’t have to pay a  penny.

Please click here to read more about the change in law and how it affects the compensation received.


On the 1st of April 2013, a new law came into place that changes the compensation received for injured parties.

The new law stops an injured person from receiving 100% of the compensation they gain from a successful claim. As a result of so called ‘spurious’ claims, claims said to be without merit, the government changed the law so that a successful Claimant would have to pay up to 25% of their compensation to their Solicitor to cover their costs of the claim.

This replaces the old system where the Solicitor’s costs were recovered from the losing side. Unfortunately, this means that Solicitors no longer offer 100% of compensation to Claimants as the cost of the claim must be covered out of this.

The government increased damages of all claims by 10% to cover this loss to Claimants. Whilst Solicitors are not happy with this change in law, we are bound by it.

However, as a result of our hard work here at RYANS we ensure that every Claimant receives the maximum amount of compensation so that this reduction in damages by the government is offset.

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You should contact a Solicitor to contact your claim as soon as possible – you have three years to do so under UK law but it is best to begin a claim as soon as possible to ensure we can assist you in getting the proper treatment for your ongoing injuries as well as seeking financial compensation for you.

Road Traffic Accident claims can be complicated. We can handle the entire process for you on a no win, no fee basis, from beginning to end, with our dedicated Solicitors here to help you and give you updates throughout your claim.

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