The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents hopes proposals will have same success as seatbelt legislation

Graduated drivers’ licences, monitored driving, and further training for young trainers are just some of the measures the public want to take to protect young drivers.

In a YouGov survey commissioned by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), seven out of ten (71 per cent) Brits said they support the implementation of phased driving experience, which would allow young drivers to build up confidence on the road.

Two-thirds (67 per cent) of people support the mandatory use of telematics in the cars of newly-qualified young motorists for a year after passing their test, meanwhile, nine out of ten (90 per cent) back the encouragement of further training for young drivers after they have passed their test.

The measures are part of a green paper proposal submitted to the newly-elected government by RoSPA and backed by a number of organisations, including Keoghs Solicitors, in a bid to save the hundreds of people killed or seriously injured in collisions that involve 17 to 24 year olds each year.

RoSPA chief executive Tom Mullarkey said: ‘A total of 131 young drivers were killed on the road in 2013, while 1,159 were left with serious injuries. This is a serious issue that needs addressing immediately. It is encouraging that the majority of the public is now recognising this need and backing our calls to the government.

‘RoSPA’s campaign for legislation on the wearing of seatbelts was brought into force after the tide of public opinion forced politicians to sit up and take notice, and we hope that the results of this survey will serve to do the same.’