No Win, No Fee

We act in our cases on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement, you won’t have to pay our fees if you lose your case.

On the 1st of April 2013, the government changed the law so that an injured person can no longer receive 100% of the compensation they gain from a successful claim.

The Government changed the law in the hope that this would prevent ‘spurious’ or false claims. Unfortunately this new system hurts genuinely injured people who now have to pay up to 25% of their compensation back to their Solicitor.

This replaces the old system where the Solicitor’s costs were recovered from the losing side. Unfortunately, this means that Solicitors can no longer offer 100% of compensation to Claimants as the cost of the claim must be covered and Solicitors wouldn’t be able to act otherwise as they wouldn’t be paid!

To make up for this, the government increased the compensation amounts of all claims by 10% to cover this loss. Whilst Solicitors are not happy with this change in law, we are bound by it.

However, as a result of our hard work here at RYANS we ensure that every Claimant receives the maximum amount of compensation so that this reduction in damages by the government is balanced out.

After the Event Insurance

Under a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement, if you lost your case you would have to pay the other side’s costs if you lose your case.

To cover these costs, which can be very high, it is advisable to take out an insurance policy. This is known as ‘after-the-event’ insurance.

It is very important you have this protection, without it if your case was unsuccessful you would be potentially liable for a bill amounting to thousands of pounds!

We assist you in arranging this on your behalf at the outset of your case to protect you from risk.

Our ATE policy used to be over £400.00but has now been reduced to a fee of £295.00 inclusive of the Governments variable insurance premium tax. Such charge is not taken from you at the start of the claim but is deducted from your final compensation payment at the end of your claim you know you are protected from a big risk!